All about Fajas Gama Alta,

100% Colombian Product.

Smart Fajas Gama Alta is a Colombian company. We are a committed team who works in partnership with our suppliers and employees to provide the best service in terms of quality and speed.

We use 100% Colombian natural materials. We know that quality is first and we are dedicated to make garment that have a successful life time.

We also have personalized and very feminine details that make the difference in your clothes giving the feeling of prestige and glamor, with the aim of highlighting the sensuality that you have inside.

In Gama Alta we knew that we are also successful, our employees and work team too.


After having made a long study about what each of our clients looks for in a control garment, Gama Alta have focused to perfect every detail and to improve day by day what our users are really looking for.

We are engaged in creating smart clothes (Smart Shapewear).

We use memory supplies to highlight the great diversity of feminine curves making it possible to adapt perfectly to all body types, providing an aesthetic harmony that generates freshness and softness inside for skin care, moisturizing and generating nice experiences thanks to it’s unique fragrance.


Commercializing and product company from the City of Cali destined to the elaboration of a product of quality and comfort, being an alternative of beauty. In order to improve the quality of life of men and women.

We are characterized by the excellence of our qualified staff in all of our areas, to provide new opportunities for those who want to achieve their goals, and become an a national and international recognized company since we have a garment display covering all the required sizes for all kind of audiences. This leads to have a good customer service and great quality.✌