Políticas de entrega devolución y garantías


We made deliveries through a transport company, guaranteeing security and coverage to the place of destination.

  1. Begins when the payment is confirmed which may take up to one business day.
  2. For payments hand to hand, the time starts when you complet the purchase at the time of approval of the payment of your order.
  3. Deliveries can not be made at an exact time.
  1. Sashes are garments of personal article (intimate). There’s no changes unless you identify factory defects. This should be done in a maximum time of 24 hours.
  2. With no exception, our company does not refund money. It’s done just in case the zipper is damaged or the cloth is perforated.
  3. Promotional garments or discount clothing (SALE) does not apply for any return.
  1. You can not make any changes of our product 25 days after of making the purchase (apply only for wholesalers)
  2. Please note that by using our website you will be accepting our security and privacy policies.

Verify the garments by the delivery time.


Our company stands out for offering a complete service:

  • Sales by wholesale and retail
  • Catalog sales
  • We offer employment with advertising material for a better performance of the worker
  • We offer personal training
  • Customer service seminars
  • Sales management

In order to guide all our staff and be able to provide high work performance.

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